Study from home, top 10 MBA Oline for study of 2017

MBA Online (Master of Business Administration)

An Online MBA can be a great alternative for women who do not want to postpone his studies but nor wish to set aside your family. There are alternatives to to combine work, study and family. It is now possible to study while protect your children, not to leave them alone or in the care of another person. Are a good alternative of study for mothers that not work, since not need out of House, as well as also a very good alternative for people that work, but that not are willing to sacrifice their scarce time free in a room of classes traditional.


An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a master's degree (also known as magister or master), i.e. is a graduate degree in business. Its contents allow students to specialize or focus on certain areas (finance, marketing, logistics, sustainable business, human resources, administration, health, etc.).

While many professionals wonder if it is worth doing or not doing an MBA, the tendency goes toward upward since professionals who have an MBA have better-paid jobs. The possibility of obtaining a management position for a professional is less than 10%, but if you have an MBA these possibilities are close to a 20-25%. Depending on the area of work, this could mean that an MBA professionals earn on average a 50% higher salary.

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Although there is more and better MBA online, the best are taught in the English language, so we did 2 lists, one with MBA in Spanish and the other in English, to make the choice easier. Although strictly is not a ranking of the 10 best MBA online. A selection of some of the best options available, based on its reputation, is price, ranking or seniority.


1. indiana University - Bloomington (Kelley)
The first of the MBA of the top was 20 of the United States to offer a form online. They have 6 specializations and there is flexibility in courses. The nominations are very competitive.

2. University of Texas - Dallas
Its online program was founded in the years 1999-2000 and they have 2 General programmes and a special program for physicians who wish to specialize in health administration.

3 Arizona State University
One of the online programs are more antique next to Indiana University (15 years experience). Classes are conducted by the same teachers from the classroom and there are 4 possible specializations.

4 Syracuse University
Your MBA online was founded in the academic year 2001-2002, they offer a wide range of entrepreneurs-oriented specializations, finance, marketing and supply chain.

5. University of Florida (Hough)
It is one of the 5 best programs according to the Financial Times and its online program is named as "the happiest Earth MBA program". You have a choice of 27 months (2 years) and a 16-month accelerated program aimed at professionals with an academic degree obtained during the last 7 years. They require at least 2 years of professional experience to apply.

As not everyone manages the English language, we also have a list with choices in Spanish for people who don't want to learn another language (or its management level may be sufficient to be able to pursue a graduate degree).


1 IE Business School
There are international ranking as the of the Financial Times which figure as number 1, as on other renowned universities. It provides a wealth of online and face to face, mixed programs. Its school of business is very full, with short courses for specific areas.

2. Centrum of University Catholic of Peru
Su MBA Virtual is within the top 15 to level world and within the best of Latin America. Is much more economic that many others MBA, which together with its platform online of first level it converted in an excellent alternative to study from any place of the world. Its price and quality we have put it in first place in the list

3. SAEJEE Business School
His Executive MBA from 12 months with online mode has one of the best platforms and a very good network of contacts. Have offices in 11 countries and possibility of double degree. While it is not for nothing economic (about 13,000 euros), its quality is worth it.

4 OBS of the University of Barcelona
Chosen by the Financial Times as one of the best MBA online in the world and the second best in Spanish. He has 16 editions of its course, that guarantee its quality. Its price is around 14,000 euros and has a duration of 14 months.

5 European Institute of postgraduate
Even though is a small school, has all it needed to compete against large universities. There are different options of financing and 7 options of specialization of a MBA online together with other 9 masters available to perform online.

Do you decide to study an MBA online?

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