Do you invest in the stock market? you have to see the Wolf of Wall Street

The film the Wolf of Wall Street, as its name implies, is a film that moves in the world of the stock exchange, financial markets, and by that only fact is enough so that anyone who is silver investing in stock market should see it, and is also based on a true story.

This film is based on an autobiographical book (entitled precisely the Wolf of Wall Street's Jordan R. Belfort, a stockbroker who was a great success but which then became mired in a criminal trial for fraud for his involvement in the handling of values that led him to be imprisoned for 22 months.

Uncensored, this film shows the life of a broker or stockbroker. You can see what to do to get to the top. It is evident that as stockbroker to sell what is who is in the way that is to earn commissions. The stockbroker's income are commissions for their operations, either buying or selling, and no matter if the operation is a failure or a success for your client (Investor), the Commission is charged. You have to earn commissions without remorse.

This peculiarity makes many runners and even firms and investment banks to feel tempted to manipulate the market in order to achieve maximum benefits regardless of its customers will ruin, or a whole country to be garbled, and the more greedy are not careful to do things properly to not end involved in criminal proceedings as it is the case of the protagonist of the film.

The film shows the reason why the broker is so ambitious. The stock market is a place where you can make much money as a broker and it allows access to luxuries and excesses of all kinds, out of reach of the majority of those who invest there. Quick and easy money give free rein to the worst human conditions imaginable.

This film makes it clear that the broker is no friend of the investor, as it is not the banker. They go by one's own to as result, so that the pensioner, small or medium saver intending to invest their small capital in a stock market, is going to be difficult, as it must pass through the hands of characters as the film.

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