MBA ONLINE - Prices for the 10 best universities in United States line

Thanks to the internet, the barriers to study any thing and in where either have been broken. Today it is possible to do postgraduate courses and masters via the web

The dynamic social, as well as any aspect of our lives, is changing of way continues. Things of yesterday are not similar to those of today, so we must look for new alternatives to be able to live in the most appropriate way.

The studies are the basic tool with which, each future is forged. Before, who obtained a Bachelor's degree, seemed to have the key to success, as it claimed to have a job where it was.
Due to the highly competitive world in which we have developed, this today because it is not so. The young newly graduated from the universities seek the opportunity to obtain a degree more in their studies, already are here or abroad.

1. The University of Florida. 

The school of business of the University called the Hough Graduate Schools of Business. It is a favorite for those who have interest in doing an MBA, since a year, several former students make million-dollar economic contributions to promote the work and development of this school.

Your online program was chosen as the best of this year, as via internet, in 16 months you get this degree. All you ask for is that you go a weekend every four months, its cost is 47 thousand dollars and when you register, the institution gives you an iPad.

2. University of Maastricht. The Euro * MBA 

is a program created by the best business schools and universities in Europe that was put in the hands of students from all over the world.
It is precisely this Dutch University Business School administers it. It is designed for those interested in the management of companies and would only have to attend an induction course. 36 thousand dollars is worth to you.

3. Arizona State University. 

According to Wall Street and some other financial institutions, the MBA that offers this school is the best throughout the United States tenth and twelfth of the entire network. It has a duration of two years and virtually no difference with the mode of virtual learning and classrooms.
He is assigned to each student a tutor, who will be contacted on an ongoing basis to resolve all your doubts. There are curriculum focused on finance, international business, marketing and management. You will only have to register in person, which will cost you $ 48.

4.The University of Manchester. 

This English University puts within reach of all your MBA online, which you can specify it in 3 or 5 years, but you have option to do it at 2 with some methods of acceleration. There are specialties in finance, engineering, construction, sports and events. The price is 35 thousand 500 dollars. You have to go to a preparatory course and a classroom every six months.

5. The Florida State University. 

The program of studies designed by the College of business of this University via network consists of 28 months of constant readiness in marketing, management information systems, risk management issues. Do not require that you attend the Institute at any time. Register here costs $ 45.

6. University of Massachusetts.

 The MBA of the University is that the offers more advantages to students, since they allow each one suits your calendar according to your needs, and usually, often studied in semesters and completed within three years. The materials are loose and you can pursue them whenever you like. Your registration is 28 thousand dollars.

7. Aston University.

 Its business school has one of the highest-rated all over Europe, in studies by internet. The only thing you need to be able to study this MBA is you together three years of work experience, in addition to the amount of 28 thousand dollars

8. IE Business School. 

This Learning Center is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Its goal is to train people to become the next business leaders. Therefore, it opens the doors of his teaching to anyone who is interested in the subject, through its MBA online.

The course lasts 15 months and is taught in English and Spanish. Managed virtual classrooms, where students will be able to contact among them and focuses on financial issues, strategies, marketing and operations. Your cost is $ 49

9. Centrum Católica.

 This institution Peruvian, through their MBA Online of 27 months, tries to that their students focus all it learned to do a business productive, profitable and socially responsible. Its cost is of 14 thousand dollars and accepts to young that have experience in positions Executive or business.

10. University of Warwick. 

The MBA at Warwick Business School is divided into three modules that you can conclude them in 3 or up to 8 years. Through the internet, teachers do you get different materials and resources for classes and in September, organize a webinar. Study it will cost you 25 thousand dollars

Study from home, top 10 MBA Oline for study of 2017

MBA Online (Master of Business Administration)

An Online MBA can be a great alternative for women who do not want to postpone his studies but nor wish to set aside your family. There are alternatives to to combine work, study and family. It is now possible to study while protect your children, not to leave them alone or in the care of another person. Are a good alternative of study for mothers that not work, since not need out of House, as well as also a very good alternative for people that work, but that not are willing to sacrifice their scarce time free in a room of classes traditional.


An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a master's degree (also known as magister or master), i.e. is a graduate degree in business. Its contents allow students to specialize or focus on certain areas (finance, marketing, logistics, sustainable business, human resources, administration, health, etc.).

While many professionals wonder if it is worth doing or not doing an MBA, the tendency goes toward upward since professionals who have an MBA have better-paid jobs. The possibility of obtaining a management position for a professional is less than 10%, but if you have an MBA these possibilities are close to a 20-25%. Depending on the area of work, this could mean that an MBA professionals earn on average a 50% higher salary.

you have to read this: Study from home, top 10 MBA Oline for study of 2017

Although there is more and better MBA online, the best are taught in the English language, so we did 2 lists, one with MBA in Spanish and the other in English, to make the choice easier. Although strictly is not a ranking of the 10 best MBA online. A selection of some of the best options available, based on its reputation, is price, ranking or seniority.


1. indiana University - Bloomington (Kelley)
The first of the MBA of the top was 20 of the United States to offer a form online. They have 6 specializations and there is flexibility in courses. The nominations are very competitive.

2. University of Texas - Dallas
Its online program was founded in the years 1999-2000 and they have 2 General programmes and a special program for physicians who wish to specialize in health administration.

3 Arizona State University
One of the online programs are more antique next to Indiana University (15 years experience). Classes are conducted by the same teachers from the classroom and there are 4 possible specializations.

4 Syracuse University
Your MBA online was founded in the academic year 2001-2002, they offer a wide range of entrepreneurs-oriented specializations, finance, marketing and supply chain.

5. University of Florida (Hough)
It is one of the 5 best programs according to the Financial Times and its online program is named as "the happiest Earth MBA program". You have a choice of 27 months (2 years) and a 16-month accelerated program aimed at professionals with an academic degree obtained during the last 7 years. They require at least 2 years of professional experience to apply.

As not everyone manages the English language, we also have a list with choices in Spanish for people who don't want to learn another language (or its management level may be sufficient to be able to pursue a graduate degree).


1 IE Business School
There are international ranking as the of the Financial Times which figure as number 1, as on other renowned universities. It provides a wealth of online and face to face, mixed programs. Its school of business is very full, with short courses for specific areas.

2. Centrum of University Catholic of Peru
Su MBA Virtual is within the top 15 to level world and within the best of Latin America. Is much more economic that many others MBA, which together with its platform online of first level it converted in an excellent alternative to study from any place of the world. Its price and quality we have put it in first place in the list

3. SAEJEE Business School
His Executive MBA from 12 months with online mode has one of the best platforms and a very good network of contacts. Have offices in 11 countries and possibility of double degree. While it is not for nothing economic (about 13,000 euros), its quality is worth it.

4 OBS of the University of Barcelona
Chosen by the Financial Times as one of the best MBA online in the world and the second best in Spanish. He has 16 editions of its course, that guarantee its quality. Its price is around 14,000 euros and has a duration of 14 months.

5 European Institute of postgraduate
Even though is a small school, has all it needed to compete against large universities. There are different options of financing and 7 options of specialization of a MBA online together with other 9 masters available to perform online.

Do you decide to study an MBA online?

you have to read this: Starting from a real estate agent

Master of Business Administration (MBA) MBA online,

Studying an MBA can be an option to reach a better position within the occupational field.

MBA online

A Master of Business Administration (MBA), is one of the most popular postgraduate studies at international level, which is commonly preferred professional consecrated or graduates who wish to specialise, develop skills and improve management practices.

The origin of this mastery goes back to traditional American universities graduate studies, when the results obtained by people who carried out this study had positive percentage, this soon spread in universities around the world and private business schools.

Why study an MBA?

There are different reasons by which a person decides to start the study of this master, however all flow in a same purpose, acquire skills and strategies of business essential for it takes of decisions effective within the company in which is works.

As any MBA specialization brings benefits that in the long term will be recognized both in the workplace and the professional staff, between main advantages figure presented to the business world as a person with vision and skills that will lead to the success to the company, mark or signature.

It is important to remember that before you start rating each curriculum of the institutions in which the MBA is taught you must consider certain aspects that will help you make a better decision; as well as the characteristics of their modalities, that can be face-to-face or study in line for an optimum exploitation of the knowledge.

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MBA refers to Master of Business Administration and is a program of studies focused on those professionals determined to various business challenges who want to acquire a job with more responsibility. It is a specialization that has international recognition, since the activities that identify it take place within the business area.

This expertise involves the development of capacities and management skills that today's enterprises require to seize the opportunities in the market, creating improvements for the management of the same.

One of the advantages to studying an MBA, is to obtain knowledge concerning all the areas that are part of the company, to learn what location has the enterprise within the market and thereby generate management skills that can help lead to a better development among members.

Before deciding to study the master's degree in Business Administration has to consider:

● Search institutions that contain this type of education and see what offer most optimal. If it takes place this decision is because he is convinced about a where you want to arrive at work.

● Taking into account the time that will be spent, is a study with specialized preparation which should be constant.

● assess what are the necessary requirements to be able to take it.

Another point to take into account that to enter the MBA specialization requires the application of certain admission tests that support the degree of knowledge of the student.

MBA Online - Studying online

Studying online is an option that is available to the public. It is an educational system that in recent years has managed to implement globally and whose objective is to keep professionals updated and better prepared.

The benefit of studying online not only is reflected in the economic aspect, also in accessibility and flexibility of schedules, reasons why each day there are more schools that have various specialties taught online, one of them is the master's degree online.

Graduate studies allows to develop specialized and up-to-date knowledge that contribute to the achievement of professional results, as well as encouraging interaction skills to increase the network of contacts.

Complete a master's degree online is a professional triumph that guarantees expertise and a high level of preparation. Currently, increasingly students who opt for this kind of distance education since is the possibility of other activities.

Virtual campuses operate through chats, video-conferencing, forums, wikis, tools and technological applications that encourage the exchange of ideas so that there is greater interaction and feedback from students.

Campus virtual or University on line

Usually a virtual campus or online University is understood as the set of processes for the exchange of information through the technologies of information and communication (ICT), taking place through a network specifically designed to optimize the distance learning. An online campus, is an educational platform that provides training and education through the technological resources.

For online universities, supported in ICT for communication and management tools (which are those who provide virtual fields) will help improve the quality of training services, since they perform their professional activity in a society where the information circulating is digitized and encoded onto.

A campus network promotes interaction and collaboration among the members of an online course, which requires having a registration and profile; Learn about the resources and activities that characterize the campus to make use of specialized forums and chat.

The main features of a campus in internet and the elements that make it up are:

• Resources. They are information that can be consulted by the student at the time you need it; This is properly understood as content.

• Activities. They are tasks or jobs that the teacher will ask that the students with the intention to reinforce the knowledge acquired during the course made.

• Chat and forums. Areas of discussion that further feedback and learning of the members of the virtual campus.

Networks of production, storage, distribution and consumption of information and new knowledge are the structural processes of educational innovation. The various senses of the concept of network that underlies telematico-educativos systems represent the techniques, symbolic and ideological conceptions of the discourse of globalization.

In view of the foregoing, the virtual campus is a space for teaching and learning, created under the influence of multiple applications of ICT, such as the Internet, the web, electronic communication, video, video conferencing and collective publications, among others, that provide study opportunities for future professionals.

Starting from a real estate agent

"Become a real estate broker, is more complex than selling or renting a House to others." "The work not only consists in approach to who want to sell or rent a House with a buyer, and collect a Commission for this."

What does a real estate agent?

A good real estate broker, performs a full accompaniment, offering help to analyze bids or various options considering the needs of the customer, providing the legal advice of the case, supporting research and collection of necessary documents, as well as carrying out the required procedures, and assisting in the operation both the seller and the buyer, until signing the title deeds.

What are the requirements?

For this, you need to learn about the procedures that apply in your area, or where applicable at international level, according to the legislation in force, as well as the related techniques of sale, marketing and advertising, real estate technology, laws, taxes, financing, mortgages, negotiation and monitoring Attorney, in the matter entered other aspects.

As you can see, act with professionalism in this market requires preparation, experience and tools, technical and technological, to develop this activity with the seriousness and responsibility that implies, offering customers security and quality of service for which the corresponding fee will be charged.

To get started as a real estate agent, it is also essential to build a reputation that provides reliability, which will be the result of experience and practice that is acquired over time and accumulate a list of satisfied customers, there is nothing more damaging to the reputation of a real estate that negative references from people upset because perhaps he lost time and money without obtaining the expected results for the poor support from a bad adviser.

For whom is this activity?

If public relations and sales are theirs, if considered a person with initiative, capable of projecting values such as the honesty, integrity, dedication, and reliability, if it also has a desire to learn and is aware that this is an activity very absorbent, i.e. full time and not a hobby, this may be the ideal career for you.

How do I start?

One way to start might be participating in any already established Agency and good prestige that supports it, these companies usually offer constant training to its staff and its affiliates, this will allow you to learn and interact with the environment, take advantage of all the opportunities at hand, there are courses, diplomas and even racing in some countries, and of course Don't miss events that promote locally on the bouquet.

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Learn trading systems based on the average Forex crosses

Forex Trading Systems

One of the trading systems most common and used in the world of Forex trading, perhaps on the intersection of moving averages. Trading systems based on the moving average crosses, have proven to be a simple but effective system that after years still in use within the community of traders and investors.

Who at some point has not tested a system that is based on the crossing of averages of 50 to 200 sessions? Sure that somehow or another many of us are still using them.

This type of system based on the average Forex crosses as we said is quite effective especially if operated in highly trend Forex pairs and no matter we extend the time frame.

How to determine if a trading system based on a crossing of half Forex is good?

matlab modeling, the best way to test whether a system based on a crossing of half Forex is really good, is through the work of different fields:

* Evidence of backtest Forex through tools such as Metatrader.

* Evidence of optimization in Forex via also specialized tools that help us to find the best period in our Forex trading system.

* Do paper trading, or that it is trading on a demo account or simulated Forex trading.

Once obtained the work and conclusions of that period is the best for our cross-half Forex system, what we will do is set it up on our trading platform (either Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, MultiCharts NinjaTrader etc...) We have a wide range of graphics platforms that allow us to configure and design a system based on the intersection of middle Forex.

We return to insist, that the real work and that will give us success with our system is through hours of testing through simulators based for example on the historical Forex pair for 4 years.

There are companies that can provide historical data of a pair of currencies to "tick" this is that would mean that those historical have great quality to be tested for backtest or simulation.

Returning to our cross-half Forex system, we can try to do the same, the number of periods on the basis of the result of testing different configurations and speeds can be adjusted or even different forex pairs (we know that each pair of Forex is different and behaves in a unique way compared to the rest by very correlado that is). The application of theory to practice. Adjusting the results to our Forex pair and our trading platform.

The trading system based on the crossing of averages if only, does not tell us anything, because there is then to apply the settings to a couple of Forex determined, as for example the EUR/USD (Euro dollar) or GBP/USD (pound, dollar), which obviously will yield different results. A good forex trader, must have some practice in the handling and testing of trading systems configuration, given that many of these systems are not effective with the time to be subjected to constant changes of volatility in the markets.

Basic principles to learn how to invest in the stock market-Forex

Learning to invest should be something Basic for anyone, but very few people devotes time to this task. The economic future of a person is determined by:

1.) The money that wins
2.) The percentage saving money that wins
3.) How you invest that money you save

The 3 points are fundamental. But most of the people focuses only on the money that wins, some reach the second step (saving) and only a few take seriously the third step (invest). 3 "legs" are very important for the economic future, but if I had to name one of them as the least important when it comes to accumulating a heritage I think it would be the first; the money earned.

If money is won but spent all cannot create a heritage. However, it is possible to earn little, save a lot, invest well and get a very good result. The time is also very important, accumulate a good heritage with low income in a short time is extremely difficult. But in longer time and discipline make virtually any can significantly raise their standard of living.

The most important investments are:


Investing in stock market is much easier than think the majority of people, it is something that anyone can, and should, do, no need to have any prior knowledge or an above-average intelligence. I think that everyone should devote at least part of their money to invest in stock market, as it is shown that long term bag is the most profitable investment that there is. And it is not only the most profitable, but that through dividends, it provides a more stable and increased to real estate income or fixed income. But it is also highly recommended to have a portion of the money in fixed income, and both are equally compatible with the investment in real estate. Properties:
Historically it has been the second most profitable option after the bag. Altogether has been a good investment, but not as good as you think the majority of people. Investment in real estate, in practice, has enough drawbacks that are not usually take into account when speaking of it in theoretical form, as you can see in the above link. The real estate market are pending for a reform that would radically change the valuation of real estate; the liberalisation of the ground. If soil liberalizes realistically the value of real estate will fall significantly.

Fixed income:

It is considered as the safest, but its real return (which takes into account inflation) is very low. You can use temporarily, but it is not a good investment in the long term by their low profitability. Obviously it is preferable to be a time in fixed income to buy overvalued shares. But it is not possible to "live the income" investing in income sets, since at the time where interests are left to reinvest the real value of assets begins to descend almost to disappear in long terms.

Art objects:

It is very difficult for people who are not very expert. Most art objects can even be considered as an investment, since only very high quality deserve this consideration. Falsifications, fashion, etc. make it very difficult this type of investment. They also do not provide an income and the same work can have very different prices at a time depending on the place of purchase, who is the buyer and the seller, etc.

The first thing that should be done is to design the asset management and decide which percentage of the total is to invest in stock market. It can range between 10% and 100%, depending on each inverter.

To invest in stock market, there are 2 options:

Investment funds:

A mutual fund is an intermediary between investors and the market in which to invest. For example, an investor may purchase Spanish actions directly or can invest in a mutual fund that bought Spanish actions. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and this makes none of the two options is the best for all the inverores. Each investor must decide if in your case is preferable to direct investment (in fixed income, Spanish, European, emerging stocks, etc.) or the investment through a mutual fund. Both options are compatible, so a same investor could invest directly in the Spanish stock market, because of their greater knowledge of the same, and use the funds to invest in Japan or USA.

Direct investment in bag:

The main advantages of direct investment in actions regarding investment funds are:

(1) periodic income: 

A securities portfolio generates an income the dividend paying stocks that make up the portfolio. This advantage is very important. The money obtained by the payment of dividends be used with flexibility; reinvest in buying more shares, destine it to consumption or to pay basic expenses (electricity, water, owners, etc.), payment of the mortgage on a property (residence, second residence, premises for a business, property to rent, etc.), payment of letters of a vehicle, etc. And all this without having to sell the shares. Throughout the life of the inverter the fate of dividends can go varying with total flexibility depending on your needs and the stage of your life you are. Get a regular income by investing in funds is very difficult because the evolution of dividends is much more stable and predictable than the contributions. To earn an income regular an investment fund must sell shares, and that is to reduce the size of our heritage. Therefore would not be a real income (such as dividends) but a divestiture. Also there is a risk of disinvestment in market falls.

(2) lower commissions:

 the commissions that are paid to maintain a portfolio of values are significantly lower than a mutual fund, and this has a decisive influence on the final profitability. An equity fund may charge a total Commission (management, deposit, etc.) 2,00%-2, 50%. There are people who believes that it is a low Commission because it compared to the total value of the portfolio. The problem is that this Commission is charged every year. The a the IBEX35 index dividend yield is not very far from those numbers, at times can be something higher and others lower. This means that the Fund, approximately, stays with paid dividends for doing his job. To put it in perspective imagine the case of an investor in real estate that engages a Manager you carry your portfolio of properties and to change the Manager stays with all the money obtained by the rentals. The investor would keep real estate but wouldn't get anything from rentals. In addition, investing directly in shares can select stocks that pay high dividends and discard the
you pay lower dividends and those that do not pay them, with what the portfolio dividend yield can be superior to that of the IBEX 35 (or the chosen reference index).

(3) effect "herd" in the Fund managers: 

named to the trend that fund managers have to be very similar to the peer management, differing little from the Administrators group. The consequence is that the vast majority of managers performs a management very passive, with very similar results (almost always lower, as reflected in the studies carried out on the subject) to the index that is used as a reference. In these cases the supposed advantage of professional management on management that an individual can do fades until it is virtually null and void. There are several reasons for this behavior. One of the most important is that managers live on his salary, not of profitability that obtain in the market. Many managers have bonuses, bonuses and so forth, but the mortgage, the light and the schools are paid with salary. If they are separated from the Group and are right you can get a higher bonus, but if they are wrong and get a yield much lower than the average they can be dismissed. It is clear that most would prefer not to risk, not only because of the possibility of being fired but because, even in the case of clearly exceed the group, the tension suffered every day until it can be very high. The individual investor can buy values that they are not in fashion (and therefore have fallen significantly) but have magnificent fundamental and good prospects without worrying about rankings of the next quarter. Following the index managers invest the most money in the larger values, which are not always the best option.

(4) total freedom to invest or not:

 the individual investor has no obligation to be bought at all times or sell if you don't want it. Instead a fund manager not only has to be always in market but it may be the case that receives lots of money to invest (by new contributions of participants) in moments that would prefer not to do so and at other times it may be forced to sell (for massive withdrawals of participants) when his opinion is that it is good time to buy rather than sell.

(5) to enter and exit agility: 

A private investor can enter and exit a value at any time, since their positions are negligible compared with the size of the market. On the other hand a Fund Manager may take several weeks, or even months, in entering or leaving a value for the large volume of money it manages. This can cause the Manager to get worst prices (for the whole of its portfolio) of purchase and sale to the individual investor. The smaller the higher value is the advantage of the individual investor to the Fund Manager.

(6) ability to invest in securities that are not in the rates: 

most of the funds are referenced to an index, so ignore all those companies that do not belong to this index. This leaves out very good companies that do not meet the requirements to be included in the indices due to their size or liquidity. In Spain the cases of CEPSA and Zardoya OTIS, include companies whose profitability of recent decades is among the highest in the Spanish market and which are not yet in the portfolio of many funds because they do not belong to the IBEX 35. Other funds have or have had shares of these companies, but in a percentage very low, taking into account its fundamental, for not being included in such index solidity. On the other hand, sometimes included in rates companies with a large market capitalization and cash but whose fundamental and profitability leave much to be desired. An example of the latter (among many that there has been, is and will be) can be Terra. The vast majority of participants of investment funds in Spain had a portion of your money invested in Terra during the fall of 157 to 2 euros, since almost all funds owned Terra shares purchased in their portfolios. Many of those  funds, however, had no Zardoya or CEPSA shares that had an appreciation well above the average while Terra fell. Indexes are a selection of the most solid and profitable, values but the most liquid and with greater market capitalization. There are very solid values that are very large and liquid but not so in all cases.

(7) the stock indexes do not reflect dividends paid by companies

I think that direct investment is more interesting, but for some investors, it is preferable to invest through mutual funds. But before deciding on the investment via funds think that you should read the articles stock indices do not reflect dividends paid by the companies and how to match (and overcome) to the indexes so that you understand the implications of its decision. 

You must also take into account that direct investment in stock exchange and investment funds are compatible options.
Before you start buying shares we had to choose the strategy that will be used to invest in stock market. You can use more than one strategy, in which case must decide how much money to devote to each strategy be and open a securities account to each of them. The same account should not be used for several strategies, since it hinders the assessment and it could happen that a bad strategy will "eat" the benefits of good strategies of slow and "silently". They must be separated to evaluate them easily and be able to take corrective measures if one strategy is failing.

The choice of the strategy and the acquisition of the skills needed to carry it out are parallel tasks. To do this you can read books or websites like this one, whose contents are completely free. Bag items will be useful.

An initial difficulty is to choose the strategy should have some knowledge, to which you should read books and spend some time. But that initial lack of knowledge does not you can choose which books to read and it is possible to read several books that do not adapt to your needs, what will have been a waste of time and money.

If you don't know what strategy choose or what books to read I recommend a strategy that seems very suitable for the majority of private investors for its combination of profitability and safety long term. It consists in forming a solid portfolio and with good future prospects that have a high profitability by dividend. And what, also those profits and dividends grow long term above inflation. These companies tend to be banks, utilities (electric, gas, water distribution, telecommunications operators), highways, insurance and construction companies. They are not the only ones, but many of them belong to these sectors. All contents of this site prove useful to develop this strategy or other.

Fundamental analysis

 is that tries to determine the value of the companies based on their results and assets (factories, brands, machinery, real estate portfolio of customers, etc.) that has.

Technical analysis only looks on the stock charts. 

Does not pay any attention to the results and assets of the companies, only to the evolution of its listing on stock exchange. On many occasions it is situated fundamental analysis and the technician on two sides opposite and irreconcilable. In my opinion, they are fully compatible. A long-term investor should use fundamental analysis to say 'what' companies purchase and technical analysis to decide "when" to buy them.

You must follow the results presenting companies each quarter. This can be used multiple sources, as the section of results of this website, the websites of the companies themselves or newspapers. Use the most convenient and better understanding. By very good be a company cannot buy it at any price. Pay close attention to the present dividend yield and the prospect that in the future this dividend increase above inflation. 

The majority of businesses in the sectors named above (banks, utilities, highways, insurance and construction companies) meet these characteristics.
If you find a better strategy and you like more, please do not hesitate to use it. But don't start buying shares without knowing why does it nor objectives intended to accomplish with your investment. Each investor must find a strategy that suits your needs, its objectives and its way of being. The strategy must adapt to the investor, not the inverter to the strategy.

Tactics that must have in has in the trade of currencies in Forex

There are many different tactics in Forex currency trading, some are profitable and others simply do not work, the trick is to find they do serve.

Many operators use different tactics in Forex, and are mainly divided into two types: which focuses on long-term operations or used in scenarios for short periods of time; but the basics are usually very similar, and often depend on know how to choose well the levels of support and resistance.

The difference is basically in the time frame that the operator uses to make their analysis and decisions, and in the volume of earnings that hopes to make in a given time.

Forex scalping tactics make reference to how to operate, entering and exiting the market in a matter of minutes, using support and resistance levels to decide whether the operation can continue generating profits or must be closed.

Operators who specialize in the Scalping, seek to take 5 to 10 pips of profit in operation and moving on to the next very quickly. They often perform more than 20 operations per day.

A long-term operator uses longer time, often hours or even days. You are looking for is here, also find levels of resistance as an entry point, and open an operation in favor of the prevailing trend. It is unlikely that a long-term operator used a tactic of bounce, to open an operation against the main trend, when it comes to intermediate support or resistance.

Another tactic used by both types of operators, Forex is the use of moving averages. A moving average is the average price of a currency pair, for a certain period of time and is represented graphically, as a continuous line in operation as Metra Trader 4 platform. Moving averages are used as a tactic in forex to display a change in the trend of a currency pair.

It is also important to remember that there are different tactics in forex that adapt to different personality traits of operators, for example, an impatient person won't go you very well in the trade long term; Likewise, a very patient person may have difficulty remain calm with the rhythm of a tactic of scalping, although it sometimes requires a degree of patience in both types of approach.

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